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*ParamitaLab is committed to multilingualism. Projects are curated in their native language, while the website is accessible in English. Feel free to right-click anywhere on the page to translate the content into your preferred language.
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Paramitalab explores the intersection of capacity building, social art and awareness raising to articulate what is possible in creative collaboration with others. We envision to foster the development of critical and respectful social subjects, empowered with the freedom to think, choose and create.

Partners and collaborations

Project-based collaboration

  • Project-based structure: ParamitaLab operates on a project-based structure, inspired by the "flock of birds" management principle in favour of a more organic approach. This approach promotes flexibility and adaptability to different project requirements. 

  • Project leadership: Each project has a designated leading person who takes responsibility for the direction and progress of the project. This person works closely with the project team to determine funding and implementation strategies.

  • Cultivation of early stage projects: Early stage projects are not immediately assigned a leading person. Instead, they are regularly discussed in bi-weekly meetings until an organic leadership emerges or is recruited from the network.

  • Constallations: This metaphor evokes a sense of dynamism, flexibility and interconnectedness of teams around each project. For each project there is one key person working in collaboration with experts, artists and communities. These collaborators may be temporary participants, members of the community or external partners brought in for their specific expertise.

  • Unifying vision and purpose: Despite the fluidity of the teams, ParamitaLab remains united by a shared vision and purpose. The focus on contemporary social and personal challenges fosters collaboration and encourages co-creative solutions. ParamitaLab believes that this sensitivity to the current state of the world is the true force behind their successful collaborations.

Marina Seghetti: Founder and Director
Luna Villalba: Administration and Operations

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