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*ParamitaLab is committed to multilingualism. Projects are curated in their native language, while the website is accessible in English. Feel free to right-click anywhere on the page to translate the content into your preferred language.
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Shared responsibility for an enriching and respectful learning experience at ParamitaLab

Our Vision
Your participation in a ParamitaLab program is a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth. By actively engaging in all aspects of the program, you contribute to a supportive learning environment where everyone can thrive.

Respecting Our Shared Space & Community

To foster a positive and productive atmosphere, we ask that you:
  • Actively participate in all program activities, discussions, and group processes.
  • Attend scheduled sessions punctually and ready to learn.
  • Honor designated quiet times, particularly after 19:00 PM.
  • Be mindful of others' personal space and privacy, and refrain from entering restricted areas.
  • Utilize technology and shared spaces for program-related needs.

Personal Well-being and Community Care

We value your well-being and encourage you to prioritize self-care and mutual respect:
  • Utilize the resources provided to address any challenges you may encounter.
  • If you have medical, social, or other concerns, please reach out to the program coordinator. Your confidentiality will be maintained in accordance with our privacy policy.
  • Maintain clear and respectful boundaries in all relationships. Harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.
  • Report any actions that may harm or endanger others or compromise the integrity of the program.

Guiding Principles

ParamitaLab is committed to fostering a culture of honesty, non-violence, mutual respect, acceptance of diversity, and collaboration.

Facilitators' Commitment

We strive to:
  • Create a safe and supportive learning environment.
  • Encourage open communication and active listening.
  • Support each participant's individual learning journey.
  • Foster acceptance, solidarity, and a spirit of inquiry.

Participants' Commitment

We ask that you:
  • Be kind and respectful to facilitators, fellow participants and staff.
  • Be punctual and attend all scheduled sessions.
  • Actively contribute to the smooth operation of activities and group processes.
  • Conduct yourself appropriately in all program spaces.
  • Adhere to safety guidelines and show respect for the natural environment.
  • Minimize disruptions by being mindful of noise levels and using technology appropriately.

Active Participation and Respectful Engagement

We invite you to embrace your learning journey with responsibility, respect, creativity, and flexibility, especially during our residential training days.
  • Come prepared: Wear your name tag and bring your materials each day.
  • Self-awareness: Be mindful of your emotional state and energy levels.
  • Time management: Manage your time effectively to balance rest and participation.
  • Communicate: Inform the facilitator if you're feeling unwell or need support.
  • Openness: Welcoming the unfamiliar and the new.
  • Curiosity: Approach new ideas and perspectives with an open mind and heart.
  • Constructive feedback: Share feedback with the intention of learning and growing together.
  • Confidentiality: Respect the privacy and personal experiences shared within the group.
  • Empathy: Show care and understanding towards others, respecting their emotional and physical needs.
  • Active listening: Honor everyone's right to express their thoughts and feelings.

Responsible Engagement in the Natural Environment:

We are fortunate to learn and practice in a natural setting. Please:
  • Follow all safety instructions and remain within designated areas.
  • Respect the natural environment and its inhabitants.
  • Choose your level of participation in physical activities and communicate any limitations you may have.

Accountability and Growth:

While our goal is to foster a positive experience for everyone, serious breaches of these agreements may necessitate consequences. We are committed to addressing any issues that arise with a focus on constructive dialogue, education, and finding solutions that support the well-being of the entire community.


By participating in this program, you acknowledge and agree to uphold these shared responsibilities. We believe that through collaboration and mutual respect, we can create a truly transformative learning experience for all.