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*ParamitaLab is committed to multilingualism. Projects are curated in their native language, while the website is accessible in English. Feel free to right-click anywhere on the page to translate the content into your preferred language.
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Flexible fee structure

In alignment with the Greek concept of "oikonomia," which prioritizes the well-being of all members of the "oikos" or family, emphasizing the fulfillment of basic needs within ecological limits, ParamitaLab aps is committed to presenting an alternative economic model that fosters sustainable cultural practices.

Rather than viewing you as a mere consumer, we envision collaboration as co-creators to bring about transformative change for ourselves and our world. Our proposed activities include suggested contributions based on the actual cost of the activities. Should you be in a position to contribute an amount exceeding the suggested average, your support aids those facing financial vulnerability, enabling them to access our offerings and further their development.

Recognizing that current circumstances may pose challenges in meeting the suggested amount or contributing at all, we want to assure you that financial constraints should not hinder your participation in our courses or activities. We encourage you to contemplate the suggested contributions and join us in the spirit of "oikonomia" by contributing what you find appropriate. This approach allows us to facilitate access for you and others interested in our offerings. Additionally, we are open to discussing volunteer opportunities, such as skills exchange or other forms of assistance, to support the project. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you in a spirit of mutual generosity.

  • For grant-funded collaborative projects, ParamitaLab engages in specific agreements with partner organizations, delineating timeframes, roles, and responsibilities. If you express interest in such collaborations, please contact us at +39 334 206 6723 or