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*ParamitaLab is committed to multilingualism. Projects are curated in their native language, while the website is accessible in English. Feel free to right-click anywhere on the page to translate the content into your preferred language.
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Cancellation policy

Non-Profit Reservations

ParamitaLab reserves the right to verify non-profit reservations for relevance.

Cancellation policy
For all cancellations received in writing before a certain date specified on the registration form, the amount paid minus the cancellation fee will be refunded. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after this date.

1) Up to 2 weeks prior to the programme start date:  your deposit will be reimbursed except for a preparation fee of €50.

2) After the two-week deadline: your deposit will be reimbursed except for a preparation fee of €300.

3) For cancellation on or after programme arrival day, no refunds are possible.

  • If your cancellation is due to serious external circumstances, your registration or preparation fees can be fully reimbursed upon presentation of a valid proof.

  • Please note : ParamitaLab may cancel a programme up to one month before the arrival date. In such cases, any deposit or payment already made will be fully reimbursed. We do not cover the costs of any other expenses made by the participant.

In order to share the results of this process, ParamitaLab may make audio and audiovisual recordings and photographs of this event.

By entering this venue and participating in this event, I grant ParamitaLab the right to record the event, including my participation, and to take photographs of me. ParamitaLab may use any or all of these recordings, photographs, and my name without restriction in a ParamitaLab project, other projects and related materials (collectively, the "Projects").

I understand that the Projects may be distributed, reproduced, exploited and sold worldwide in a variety of ways, including television and radio (broadcast, cable, and  satellite), cassettes and DVDs and their packaging, the Internet and all new media.