*At ParamitaLab we work in Italian, English, and Spanish. We have chosen English as the language of the website. However, each work/project is explained in the language in which we do it. Right-click anywhere on the page to translate the content into your language.

Current programs and open calls

Studio Atelierista 

Social design studio experimenting, creating and proposing solutions to real problems


Host organisation & tailor-made training for European mobility in the field of youth and adult education for social change and community development


Explorar el trabajo en la intersección del desarrollo de capacidades, el arte social y la sensibilización, en contextos grupales

Laboratorio Paramita

Spazio di riflessione e dialogo contemplativo in cui esplorare l’esperienza concreta della vita quotidiana


How to open a space? How do we create a space that is a home for our work?




Marina Seghetti

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Studio Atelierista is an interdisciplinary creative space exploring how to make the intangible visible. By intangible, we mean the inner-outer dynamics of social fields—in particular, thoughts, emotions, felt senses and sensations.

If we make intangible experiences visible, we will become more aware and make sense of them in fresher ways—which permits collective transformation to take place.

Our approach draws from design, embodied awareness and transformative education. To create new knowledge, we collaborate with partners across interdisciplinary fields such as creative technologies, film & photography and sensorial anthropology.

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