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Studio Atelierista 

Social design studio experimenting, creating and proposing solutions to real problems


Host organisation & tailor-made training for European mobility in the field of youth and adult education for social change and community development


Explorar el trabajo en la intersección del desarrollo de capacidades, el arte social y la sensibilización, en contextos grupales

Laboratorio Paramita

Spazio di riflessione e dialogo contemplativo in cui esplorare l’esperienza concreta della vita quotidiana


How to open a space? How do we create a space that is a home for our work?




Marina Seghetti

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How to open a space?
How do we create a space that is a home for our work?

These are the questions we ask ourselves. We believe a space is not a pre-given condition—instead, a space unfolds through the act of placing.

This way, we started from the act of placing, leaving a first mark. We visited La Romola, which is 40 minutes from the center of Florence—in the village of San Donato in Fronzano. Built in the early 1500s, the space has been an ancient convent, a resting place for pilgrims, and a fattoria.

We are currently discussing how this wonderful space could also house the work we do.

La  Romola: da fattoria a fucina creativa