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*At ParamitaLab, our operations encompass Italian, English, and Spanish. English is the designated language for our website. Nevertheless, each individual work or project is presented in the language in which it is conducted. Feel free to right-click anywhere on the page to translate the content into your preferred language.

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If you want to be part of a transformative project that values critical thinking and respect for diverse perspectives, we welcome you to join our initiatives. Here's how you can become an active participant:

Explore opportunities to get involved:
Delve into the details of our transformative project. Explore how your unique skills and experiences align with the project's goals. Identify the specific areas where your participation could make a meaningful contribution.

Attend information sessions:
Attend our information sessions to gain a deeper understanding of the project's objectives, methodology and the positive impact we aim to achieve. These sessions will give you the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the project team.

Share your perspectives:
Your voice matters. We encourage you to actively share your perspectives and ideas during project discussions. Your insights will add to the richness and diversity of our collective efforts.

Express your interest in participating:
If you are excited about being part of this transformative journey, express your interest in participating. Tell us about your background, interests and any specific skills you bring to the table.

Stay informed and engaged:
Keep up to date with project developments, timelines and activities. Check [relevant platforms] regularly for project updates and actively participate in project communications. Your engagement is critical to the success of our collaborative efforts.

Spread the word to your network:
Help us build a dynamic and diverse community of participants by spreading the word. Share information about the project with your network and encourage like-minded people to join this transformative experience.

Let's transform together!
Your participation is critical to unlocking the full potential of this project. Together we can create a space where diverse perspectives thrive and individuals are empowered to think freely, make choices and contribute to positive change.

If you are ready to embark on this transformative journey as a project participant, please contact us at We look forward to having you on board and making a lasting impact together.

Thank you for your consideration of this call to action. Let's create a future where collaborative projects empower individuals and communities

 Making Aware Residency

How to make intangible experiences visible?

Intervision group

On the way to articulating what is possible in creative work with others

Dialoghi in presenza

Uno spazio di riflessione e dialogo contemplativo, da una prospettiva sapienziale, in cui indagare la propria natura, il reale e l'illusorio che condizionano la nostra esperienza individuale e collettiva.

Holistic learning in adult education

Learning to act with systems holistic awareness

Organisational development for adult education institutions

Building social change organisations for resilience and impact

Radically thinking as a species: diversity and power within learning

Diversity, power and participation in migrant solidarity work

Sustainable economics in community education

Strengthen the economic literacy of grassroots actors across Europe

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