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Host organisation & tailor-made training for European mobility

Project Mission:
Our project is dedicated to social change and community development in youth and adult education. We aim to promote intercultural understanding, explore different education systems and broaden professional and personal horizons. The goals of the project include sharing best practices, exploring innovative approaches to transformative youth and adult learning, and assisting organisations in the sector with internationalisation, professionalisation and institutional development programmes.

In addition, we focus on developing novel, creative and collaborative live curricula or courses that address inclusion, equity and non-discrimination and aim to bridge intercultural, generational and societal divides.

Mobeco initiatives:
Through Mobeco, we organise mobility initiatives to Florence. These initiatives offer individuals or groups of participants the opportunity to take part in fully customised training courses integrated with cultural experiences. The minimum number of participants for a mobility initiative is 12 and grants are available for groups based in the European Union.

Intervision group:
We facilitate an intervision group, a valuable experience for professionals facing projects who wish to reflect with their colleagues. This reflection process can take two forms: supervision and intervision. Supervision involves a relationship between two professionals in which a more experienced one reflects on the work of the less experienced one. On the other hand, intervision involves a number of professionals with an equivalent level of preparation reflecting on their practice and supporting each other to improve their skills. This collaborative setting provides an opportunity to learn from those with different experiences and orientations, contributing to the growth of all participants.

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