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Co-responsabilities for face to face activities

The Vision:

Participation in a ParamitaLab programme is a valuable opportunity and it is essential that everyone recognises and appreciates their personal commitment to the formal and content aspects of the programme. Commitment and active participation not only enriches your experience in the programme, but also contributes to the creation of a robust practice container from which everyone can benefit.

Respect the Practice Container

To the best of my ability, I commit to participate fully in all aspects of the programme and to facilitate a healthy practice container by:

  1. Consciously participating in the daily function groups as a form of meditation in action.
  2. Attending scheduled activities at the appropriate times.
  3. Respecting the practice of silence when it is introduced.
  4. Observing silence in all indoor and outdoor spaces after 22:00 each evening.

I also agree to respect privacy and work and practice spaces by observing the following:

  1. Recognising the kitchen as a practice area; not entering when not on duty.
  2. Acknowledging restricted access to facilities/workshop areas after hours.
  3. Understand that internet/computer access is not routinely provided unless necessary for work and training.

I also agree to abide by the rules regarding vegetarian food, alcohol, drugs and smoking, including:

Accepting only vegetarian food provided.
Not to drink alcohol unless otherwise stated.
Not smoking on the premises, including electronic cigarettes.
Acknowledge that the possession or use of drugs is not permitted and may result in immediate expulsion.

Take care of yourself and others

Throughout the programme, as we live, work and go through intensive placements together, emotions can run high. It is important to take care of yourself and others while respecting their experiences.

  1. Use the resources provided to cope with challenges.
  2. Contact the coordinator or programme manager for medical or social concerns, ensuring confidentiality in accordance with the privacy policy.
  3. Promote clarity in relationships, with sexual harassment or unwanted contact strictly prohibited.
  4. Report to the Programme Coordinator any actions that may harm or threaten the welfare of others or the integrity of the Programme.

The Director reserves the right to expel anyone who does not abide by this Co-responsibility Pact, although efforts will be made to address and resolve any difficulties.


The rights and responsibilities outlined aim to implement an effective training process for both parties. The Co-responsibility Pact serves as a tool to enhance experiential research and training activities.

Co-responsibility pact

Respect for life, physical and moral integrity, clarity in human relationships, justice, truth, honesty, defence of peace, non-violence, mutual respect, acceptance of differences, solidarity, cooperation, rejection of discrimination, civic responsibility, respect for symbols and commitment to democratic values are the guiding principles.

Facilitators commit to:

  1. Provide a calm and safe environment.
  2. Encourage listening and dialogue.
  3. Encourage the educational process of each participant.
  4. Promote acceptance of others and solidarity.
  5. Promote interest in learning and respect for time.
  6. Promote the acquisition of experiential and cultural skills.
  7. Promote conscious and positive choices.

Participants commit themselves to:

  1. Respect good manners towards facilitators and colleagues.
  2. Be punctual and attend all training sessions.
  3. Contribute to the smooth running of sessions.
  4. Behave correctly in the activity areas and respect the rules.
  5. Respect safety rules, hygiene and cleanliness.
  6. Refrain from using mobile phones and electronic devices during training.
  7. Respect the integrity of buildings and materials.

Be responsible, respectful, creative and flexible, especially during residential training days

Be responsible for yourself by:

  1. Wearing your name tag every day.
  2. Bringing your materials every day.
  3. Taking control of your inner state.
  4. Managing your rhythms and timing.
  5. Informing the trainer if you are not feeling well.

Respect differences:

Being flexible in the face of diversity.
Keeping an open heart, mind and will.
Giving feedback with the intention of mutual learning.
Respecting confidentiality and the needs of others.
Caring for each other and being aware of emotional and physical stability.
Respect the right to speak and ask questions.

In relation to the community, be respectful of all elements of the learning system, including space, staff, other groups and transport. Remember that we are in a natural space; take care and respect the natural environment.

Rules for training in the natural environment:

  1. "Stop" must be respected in dangerous situations.
  2. Follow all rules; do not leave the designated area.
  3. Respect the safety and integrity of other participants.
  4. Participants are free to choose whether or not to participate in physical activities.
  5. Remain with the group at all times.

In extreme cases, sanctions may be applied:

  1. Free speech without offence cannot be sanctioned.
  2. No one can be sanctioned without giving reasons.
  3. Sanctions must be based on the principle of reparation.
  4. Sanctions must be proportionate to the behaviour and the damage caused.
  5. Personal circumstances must be taken into account, with the possibility of community service.
  6. Where misconduct causes damage, full reparation is required.
  7. Very serious misconduct may result in immediate dismissal.


Respect the copyright of printed materials to show respect for the time and work of others.

The parties guarantee the fulfilment of the commitments in this document for the common purpose.

The agreement is valid for the entire duration of registration and participation in the training.