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*At ParamitaLab, our operations encompass Italian, English, and Spanish. English is the designated language for our website. Nevertheless, each individual work or project is presented in the language in which it is conducted. Feel free to right-click anywhere on the page to translate the content into your preferred language.

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Reviewed in Florence, Dec 2023

The groups formed for our annual online activities operate under specific guidelines to ensure a cohesive and constructive learning environment. Participants are asked to make a commitment to remain in the group from the moment they join, to encourage continuity and collaboration.

Commitment to membership:

  • Participants commit to staying in the group to maintain its continuity.
  • Members agree to keep their place in the group and to receive missed class materials (files, texts, recordings, etc.).

Payment and absences

  • Monthly contributions will not be suspended due to temporary absences for travel or other reasons. Special situations will be discussed and resolved accordingly.
  • If a student has to leave the group for unavoidable reasons, one month's notice is required. The contribution for the current month will be paid and the cancellation will take effect from the month following the notice.

Payment procedures

  • Monthly fees must be paid before the first class of the month to receive access to class links, recordings, and materials.

Class rescheduling

  • In the event of holidays or class cancellations for any reason, classes will be rescheduled in consultation with the group.

Attendance and guests

  • Virtual participation is subject to the same conditions as in physical classroom participation. Each participant must pay their own fee. Guests are not allowed to join the class without paying the appropriate fee.

Confidentiality and use of materials

  • Recordings and materials are for the exclusive use of the group members. Dissemination outside the group is prohibited for reasons of confidentiality and respect for the facilitator's professional performance. Access to materials is restricted to those who have paid the group fee.

Acceptance of conditions

  • Participation in the groups implies acceptance of these conditions.