Our Story

ParamitaLab is an Italian organisation founded by four professionals with different backgrounds in education, psychoanalysis, philosophy, economics and politics. The organisation was created to offer workshops, designed dispositifs and other events that focus on three key areas of work: Resonance, Specific Realisation and the Six Grounds of Human Potential. The tools used for research and verification are drawn from the intersection of various fields, including physical and natural sciences, Eastern and Western philosophy, education and anthroposophy.

ParamitaLab views the human being as a physical, psychological and spiritual entity. The essential values and virtues that form the basis of any solution are rooted in the spiritual aspect. However, this does not mean that a specific religious doctrine is required to put it into practice.
Since October 2020, it has become an independent non-profit organisation. Its aim is to promote deep thought, shared courage and joy for the renewal of inner life, outer life and life together through the intersection of spiritual pursuit, science, community and the social arts.

About us

ParamitaLab is an organisation that encourages individuals to embrace challenge and uncertainty as opportunities for growth and personal development. We understand that dilemmas can be a source of stress or frustration, but we believe that by facing them head on, individuals can achieve prosperity, growth and personal fulfilment.

Our approach involves understanding the current conditions and potential of a group, institution, community or individual without preconceptions or illusions. Once the baseline has been accurately diagnosed, we can identify and build on existing potential. We believe this can be achieved by taking a big step forward.

We also recognise that misunderstandings are a natural part of human interactions and can be a source of creativity as we work to find solutions, create new opportunities and build communities. At ParamitaLab we invite you to embrace the discomfort and uncertainty that comes with making difficult choices and use it as a catalyst for generative collective development.

Meet Our Team

We are a group of people united by a common goal: to be receptive to the problems of the contemporary world and to seek solutions that respect the intrinsic value of the individual, in order to promote the harmonious coexistence of human beings.

We are a team united by the conviction to promote this project. Each with his or her own identity and contribution, sharing the need for transformation.   

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