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ParamitaLab is an independent non-profit organisation. Its mission is to promote the development of critical and respectful social subjects who are free to think, choose and create.

The future we aspire to is the challenge of potentially going beyond the ordinary aspects of life and achieving harmony in three transformational spheres: harmony between people (in terms of relationships and culture), harmony in the biosphere (ecosystems) and harmony with oneself (spiritually). These spheres are interconnected and form a feedback loop, and the balance of the entire system depends on the distributed power of these energy vectors. At ParamitaLab we use these coordinates to guide the necessary paradigm shifts of the 21st century, moving from an ecological revolution to a resynchronisation of the technosphere, biosphere and ethnosphere.Just as we are committed to the needs of future generations, we are also committed to the Sustainable Development Goals.We believe that these goals can only be achieved by cultivating the inner skills, qualities, and abilities we need to make a positive impact on society and find greater meaning in our lives and the lives of those around us.This is why we follow the Inner Development Goals (IDGs), which include:

  • Being: relationship with self (inner compass, integrity and authenticity, openness and learning mindset, self-awareness, presence).

  • Thinking: cognitive skills (critical thinking, complexity awareness, perspective taking, awareness, orientation and long-term vision).

  • Relationships: caring for others and the world (appreciation, connection, humility, empathy, and compassion).

  • Working together: social skills (communication skills, co-creation skills, inclusive mindset and intercultural competence, self-confidence, performance skills).

  • Acting: driving change (courage, creativity, optimism, perseverance).

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